SC+: Supply Chain Management Platform

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SC+ is a supply chain management software that helps ship owners and managers effortlessly manage their inventory and vessel fleet and have accurate insights into the daily operation of marine engineers.

Main features
The product suite includes three web portals for different user types in the Marine Transportation business and an app for Marine engineers to use on the ship.

The main features are:
- Inventory management
- Purchase order management
- Statistics and analytics reporting
- Vessel information system health monitoring
Technologies used
- Back-end: NodeJS
- Front-end: ReactJS, Redux
- Database: MongoDb, PostgreSQL
- Others: RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Jest
- Edge computing on vessels is a requirement since vessels operate in unstable Internet condition
- Complicated business logic to cater to multiple parties like suppliers, shore managers, vessel operators
- Frequent releases is a must, yet system and application stability need to be maintained
Our solutions
- Collaborate with client's tech team to build robust data synchronization and database conflict resolution system
- Work with product managers and business analysts to make sure we gain a deep understanding of the business logic and the implementation satisfies the strict technical requirement